Poise and Power Christian D. Larson



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Poise and Power  by  Christian D. Larson

Poise and Power by Christian D. Larson
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One of the Greatest Transformational Leaders of our time discussed the power within and your poise or energy.WHATEVER we wish to attain oraccomplish, power is required-and since it is our privilege as well asour desire to attain much and accomplishmuch, any method through which wemay increase our power will naturallyreceive our most direct and mostthorough attention.The newest science of life has discov-ered such a method, and it is the pur-pose of the following pages to elucidateits principles and laws so perfectly thatanyone can apply them with the greatestpossible results.The method under consideration weshall call Poise, because Poise conservesenergy, and conserved energy accumu-lates energy.The path to increase is to save whatyou now receive, and to constructivelyuse what you have saved.

This we ac-complish through Poise.When we attain Poise, all the energygenerated in the system is saved- thatis, all loss and waste is prevented. Thisfact means much — so much that monthsof experience may be required to real-ize its import in full.

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